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Residential & Commercial

Texans A/C & Heating is a licensed, bonded and insured HVAC company specializing in both residential and commercial HVAC systems as a certified Rudd dealer. Having been in business since 1989 and with over 44 years of experience, our expert team of EPA certified technicians are well versed in providing exemplary diagnosis, repair, replacement and installation services to both residential and commercial HVAC systems as well as exceptional customer service to our valued clients.

Airflow Improvements

Sometimes those summer temperatures can become seemingly unbearable and bring your attention to potential “hot spots” in your home where it seems that no matter how long you run your system, these areas remain at an uncomfortable temperature. The same holds true during frigid winters, making it seem like your home or office is just going to remain eternally cold. For this reason, we offer airflow improvement services to counter these problem areas of your commercial or residential property and ensure comfort throughout the entire building.

HVAC Replacement

With our extensive background in the HVAC industry, we have encountered every type of system and component failure and are highly intent on keeping up with the latest models and system modifications. These advantages allow our esteemed team of professional technicians to efficiently diagnose and repair residential and commercial HVAC failures in a timely manner and do so at an affordable rate to our customers.

HVAC Repair

Texans A/C & Heating specializes in all facets of HVAC repair and replacement services. When it comes to the important stuff like the heating and cooling of your property, call Texans A/C & Heating to get the job done right the first time around. Our HVAC repair technicians have the knowledge and talent necessary to get your HVAC repair project squared away.

“Owner and Operator of Texans Air Conditioning and Heating for 14 years. Been in the Air Conditioning industry since 1989. Believe heavily in constant communication with manufactures in product performance for complete system performance for the consumer. Changes come fast so, we have to work to give the best for the consumer and their needs.”

Texans A/C & Heating

Why Choose Texans A/C & Heating


Texans A/C & Heating is your number one ally in combating uncomfortable temperatures and unfair pricing within a 75 mile radius of waller, tomball, katy, cyprus, fort bend county, harris county Texas! We are a customer oriented company and pride ourselves in being able to say that we put our customers' needs first by offering several systems, pricing options and extensive information to provide our customers with the ability to make an educated decision towards their enlisted HVAC services to best fit their needs.

With over 44 years of experience, all of our professional EPA certified HVAC technicians possess a vast amount of in-field training experience and are well equipped with high quality tools and equipment to provide you with the absolute best HVAC service possible! Our long standing position in the HVAC industry also allows us to offer an extensive list of HVAC services to both commercial and residential properties! These services include but are not limited to diagnosis of system or component failure, repair, component replacement, system upgrade and replacement, new build installation and air flow optimization! Plus, not only are we Rudd dealers but we are even certified Nest installers to aid you in increasing the efficiency of your system and cutting down on utility costs!

"Choosing the right tools for the job, is second only to choosing the right people for the job!"

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