Residential Services

As licensed, bonded and insured HVAC professionals, the team of EPA certified experts at Texans A/C & Heating possess all knowledge and experience to provide excellent residential and commercial HVAC services. Whether your building requires a diagnosis and repair, system upgrade and replacement or even a new build system installation on a new construction project, our lineup of specialists are equipped with high quality tools and materials and profound knowledge of even the most cutting edge HVAC systems and are ready to provide you with the best service possible.

Residential HVAC Services Include

Residential HVAC Repairs
Residential Heating Repairs
Residential Cooling Repairs
Residential Furnace Repairs
Residential A/C Unit Repairs
Residential Split-System Repairs
Residential Air Conditioning Repairs
Residential HVAC Installations
Residential Heating Installations
Residential Cooling Installations
Residential Furnace Installations
Residential A/C Unit Installations
Residential Split-System Installations
Residential Air Conditioning Installations
Residential HVAC Replacements
Residential Heating Replacements
Residential Cooling Replacements
Residential Furnace Replacements
Residential A/C Unit Replacements
Residential Split-System Replacements
Residential Air Conditioning Replacements

Commercial Services

Considering most commercial air conditioners and heating systems are larger, more robust systems with a substantial amount of innate complexity than their residential counterparts, it makes sense to enlist the expertise of a proven HVAC contractor with commercial HVAC experience to affect any repairs, replacements, or installations regarding the system(s). In light of this, we've broadened our HVAC services and hirable capacities to include professional coverage for commercially-scaled HVAC systems, including those that support businesses, restaurants, office buildings, and industrial-sized properties. If you are interested in enlisting a specific HVAC service (including air conditioning and heating services) for your commercial property, such as an HVAC repair or replacement, please feel free to reach out to our in-house HVAC specialists at your earliest convenience.

Commercial HVAC Services Include

Commercial HVAC Repairs
Commercial Heating Repairs
Commercial Cooling Repairs
Commercial Furnace Repairs
Commercial A/C Unit Repairs
Commercial Split-System Repairs
Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs
Commercial HVAC Installations
Commercial Heating Installations
Commercial Cooling Installations
Commercial Furnace Installations
Commercial A/C Unit Installations
Commercial Split-System Installations
Commercial Air Conditioning Installations
Commercial HVAC Replacements
Commercial Heating Replacements
Commercial Cooling Replacements
Commercial Furnace Replacements
Commercial A/C Unit Replacements
Commercial Split-System Replacements
Commercial Air Conditioning Replacements

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